Weekly Photo Challenge : Threshold

A threshold is a point of entering; that point just before a new beginning — that split-second moment in time, full of anticipation. All the hard work is over; relief is palpable. (Daily post)

Threshold… Entering into the light..from the darkness..

I had captured this photo one beautiful and calm morning…after not sleeping the whole night. I had been awake till 4 am and then instead of going to bed, decided not to sleep for a few more hours. And as the morning started to spread the light and the sun arose, i decided to go for a walk in chilly morning of winter in Feb. After bearing the night’s darkness, the morning light seemed so much refreshing and beautiful. The dew drops on the grass were breathtaking, though not visible in this click as i clicked it on my phone cam.


into the light


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Tiny but amusing insects!!

Today evening, as I was walking by on the terrace, I saw these tiny insects. Clicked them with my phone camera, so couldnt capture them a bit more clearly.
But definitely fits in the Nature’s boundless beauty ;)




Let's meet!


And we meet! :)


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Never give up on your dreams

This is an excellent post by Cristian Mihai on writing. Just write. :)

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Sleeping peacefully…


A stray dog sleeping oh-so-peacefully by the side of the road. Couldnt help but capture it. Sometimes, I tend to forget but moments as this one remind me why I love photography so much. Its like you become totally alive in that moment, putting all your attention n focus only on clicking the pic, forgetting everything else. Just wow! And this is why I love Nature. Even the smallest things in Nature are beautiful. We dont notice it, but if we observe, we can find beauty of Nature all around us.

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A new road ahead…

new road

With the beginning of a new year,
a new road awaits,
an untrodden path
an unforeseeable journey
into the dreams
into the possibilities
full of adventures
exploring the unknown.

As the sun shines,
my heart wishes to fly
like the birds leaving their nests
let the wind blow
let the sun blind me
let this path be long and weary
I’ve got wings
to fly
to soar
into the unknown
into the dreams…

Happy New Year!! And have a great year ahead. :)


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Weekly Photo Challenge: Fresh


For me, Fresh is the rain drops on the grass in the morning!! Refreshing..


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Weekly Photo Challenge: The Golden Hour


Last year, I had gone on a trip with my cousins and family to Bhuj and Mandavi in Gujarat (India). I took these pics at the Mandavi beach in the evening when the sun was just about to set, depicting The Golden Hour…





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